Floor Signs Improve Safety and Productivity

Stop Safety Floor Sign

Every organization wants to improve their overall safety and productivity levels. These are two very common goals that anyone in management should always be seeking improvement opportunities for. The problem with many brainstorming events or meetings is that they focus on the home run opportunities, and forget about the little things that may be just as beneficial. Now granted, the home runs are fun and get you big results, but the key to continuous improvement is recognizing all opportunities, even the little ones. One easy and effective way to improve both safety and productivity is by installing floor signs throughout your facility.

Stop floor sign Why Floor Signs?

Floor signs have come along way in recent years and are stronger than ever. The materials used are extremely durable and the new printers used to make them, provide extremely bold and vivid colors to make your floor signs really stand out.

Whether you’re trying to signal workers in a specific direction, warn them of a hazard, or to remind them to strap on their PPE, floor signs have the ability to serve several purposes. In fact, some companies even offer the opportunity for you to customize your floor sign with your own text and images. This gives you the opportunity to really send a unique message that is specific to your workplace and culture.

Some key features of the number one floor sign on the market:

  • Creative Safety Supply floor sign Ultra-high resolution
  • Full color printing
  • Peel and stick application
  • Low profile, lay seamless on the floor
  • Extremely durable
  • UV protected industrial laminate
  • Made in the USA!


Compliments the Visual Workplace

The visual workplace is a workplace that installs critical information, where it is needed most. The concept of the visual workplace has thrived in Lean facilities, but it can be implemented with success in any workplace. Organizations will use posters, floor signs, floor tape, labels, placards and other markings as part of their visual workplace.

The visual cues are designed to keep workers focused, on-task, and also serve as a reminder of critical information. Location is key when it comes to the placement of visual cues. You want to give employees the information they need where they need it, to keep them as productive as possible.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth “]

A visual workplace is a self-ordering, self-explaining, self-regulating, and self-improving work environment… where what is supposed to happen does happen on time, every time, day or night — because of visual solutions


Benefits of a Visual Workplace

  • Eliminates Waste: When an employee has to use valuable time searching for information that could’ve easily been placed on floor sign for example, this is considered waste and the employee’s productivity h as then suffered.
  • Improve Training Efforts: We gain 75% of what we know visually and only 13% through hearing. Placing general information on floor signs will help re-communicate basic information, helping to eliminate information deficits.
  • Increase Productivity: A well designed visual workplace will have a positive impact on productivity, cost, quality, on-time delivery, inventory and equipment reliability. Best yet, the visual workplace will help you sustain these benefits for years to come.

Quality visuals like floor signs, help create an environment that is constantly advocating safety and a culture that is continuously re-enforcing the organization’s values. Using floor signs to help create this environment is not only effective, but extremely inexpensive as well. When you consider that the average floor sign is around $15 and have a life-span of up to seven years, that’s just over $2 a year to send important information to those who need it most!

So the next time your looking for ways to improve safety and productivity around your workplace, consider floor signs for your next improvement project. They will provide the message you’re looking for and look good too!


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