A Guide to Improving your Parking Lot

Improve parking safety with signs

Identify parking needs

The first step in updating your lot is to assess the conditions of the parking lot. Determine what signs are in place, the number of parking spots and ADA compliant spots available, the condition of the paint on the asphalt, etc.

Research parking needs

Now that you have identified possible hazards in the parking lot, it’s time to do some research. In the United States, each state’s Department of Transportation decides on appropriate ratio for disabled parking spots for both private businesses and public lots. It is important to ensure your business offers and clearly designates ADA compliance spaces for customers, visitors, and employees.

Second, conduct some primary research in your own lot. Observe traffic to identify any reoccurring issues like confusing intersections or unsafe traffic patterns. Discuss with employees any problems they see in the lot from day to day, and consider how to create a more efficient parking lot.

Update your lot

You’re now ready to start updating your lot and picking out supplies. Here’s a quick shopping guide to get you started.

  • Traffic signs – These signs will help direct traffic flow and prevent accidents. These signs display speed limits, highlight parking restrictions, alert pedestrians about unsafe areas or high traffic levels, and more. You should post them in locations where drivers and people on foot will see them when they need to. Some messages you may consider are stop signs, yield signs, or a “Wrong Way” sign to communicate proper traffic safety.
  • Restriction signs – Highlight areas that are off limits with the proper signs to ensure a safe parking lot. This may include a sign designating a private drive, or a “Do Not Block Driveway” sign.
  • ADA compliant signs – These signs will help to keep your business ADA compliant while instructing employees, visitors, and customers where they can and cannot park. Ensure the signs designating handicapped parking spots are designed with the message clearly stated and that the sign itself can withstand the weather conditions.
  • Parking lot stencils – In addition to signs, you can increase safety and decrease confusion with messages right on the asphalt. Use stencils to create crisp and clean floor markings directing vehicle and pedestrian traffic and much more.

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