Why You Need Asset Tags

Asset Tag Labels

Inefficient asset management and tracking could be costing your facility more than it should. If your company has machinery, computers, technology, or any other items considered as fixed or movable assets, it’s crucial to have an effective asset tracking system with durable asset tags. Inventory management and control is often a costly but streamlining the process will save you both money and time.

Asset tags are affordable and can easily implemented all across the facility. Using these tags employees will be able to identify the item by using the name and number on the tag. In cases of accidents or disasters, having an asset tag system will be valuable for insurance claims. Furthermore, employees and others in the workplace will be less likely to steal an item they know the company is tracking.

There are two different types of asset tags available: labels and ties. While you may choose one or the other, in some instances it might be more beneficial to implement a system with labels being attached with tags. Labels offer the freedom of materials and size. Print your own custom labels in a variety of sizes on materials that withstand a variety of conditions like heat, chemicals, and more. These labels will be placed directly on the piece of equipment or machine with strong adhesive. Asset tag ties will have the exact same information has a label but will be attached using a zip tie. This is an excellent option for items that labels cannot be placed on.

After choosing tags, you will want to review your current asset tracking system and research types of systems that would best fit with your company. These systems are integrated in the tag and will be used to track and locate assets. For instance, systems could use radio-frequency identification (RFID), barcodes or QR codes, GPS, or other forms of technology to track assets. Barcodes might be a better fit because it assigns a specific number to an item that can be scanned and recorded; if your workplace has multiple laptops, you could keep track of each one separately. If your facility however, has multiple assets moving from place to place, and RFID system would allow you to accurately locate what you’re looking for.

Once your asset tags are in place and your system has been updated, it is important to maintain the tags. Take preemptive steps by purchasing durable labels meant to last, but don’t forget to keep them clean, readable, and able to scan if necessary. If needed, replace labels or tags immediately. As a good rule of thumb, clean tags and labels when cleaning the machinery or equipment. Train employees on the different element on the tags being used and proper procedures to record and track the assets. While you may not see immediate results with your new asset system, it will save you the headache of tracking down lost assets and save you not only money but time.

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