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LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual
From the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual

Your purchase of a LabelTac 4 Pro comes with a handful of helpful components, free of charge! This includes a full lifetime warranty on the printer and all its parts, lifetime support from the knowledgeable labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply, access to the intuitive LabelSuite software, and a downloadable manual for your specific printer model. Today we will look at what is included in a LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual. You can download these comprehensive guides from the LabelTac website at any time. This user manual is a 28-page guide chock full of useful information. Whether you need instruction on setup and installation, or how to clean your LabelTac printer, this manual will guide you through it.

What is in the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual?

The beginning of this user manual is several diagrams to show exactly what comes with your purchase of the LabelTac 4 Pro and the various components of your new printer. This includes the location of all the buttons, ports, etc. on the printer. There is then detailed explanation to ensure installation and setup will be a breeze. Directions include how to install LabelTac drivers, installing templates and symbols, loading print ribbon, and loading tape supply.

The LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual then goes onto the process of how to start creating labels right away with your new industrial label printer. You can start with a pre-made template available in the LabelSuite software or you can start completely from scratch and design your own label. You will choose the size of the label you want to print and start customizing your label. You can use text, images, symbols, borders, etc. to create the perfect label for your facility.

LabelTac printers features an LED color indicator that can flash green, amber, or red to convey information about your printer. No need to guess what the colors mean because the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual breaks it down for you! There is also a troubleshooting section, so you can easily diagnose and fix any issues you may run into. You will also learn how to print on die-cut labels and how to clean your printer.

Your LabelTac printer comes with a full lifetime warranty that covers parts, manufacturer defects, and even the thermal print head. Creative Safety Supply will also issue a loaner printer to cover any downtime your company may face if you send your printer in for warranty.

The LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual is full of helpful information to get you started creating custom labels as soon as your printer comes in the mail! Whether you need GHS labels or 5S labels, the LabelTac printer will produce extremely durable and professional looking labels in just a matter of minutes.

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