Finding the Ideal LabelTac Tape

labeltac tapeThe LabelTac printer series gives you the opportunity to create custom and professional labels for your workplace, and LabelTac tape is an excellent add-on. Whether you’re in the market for more durable labels that can withstand the elements, looking for pre-printed labels you can customize, labels with special adhesives, or anything in between, LabelTac tape, also called LabelTac supply, will meet your needs.

How can I use LabelTac tape?

Temperature Resistant

If your workplace consists of warm or cold machinery and equipment, or pipes carrying extremely hot or freezing contents, temperature resistant LabelTac supply is the ideal material for your labels/ The LabelTac High Performance 10-Year Vinyl Supply is a more a durable option than the classic label supply, capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -58°F all the way to 250°F. If you’re dealing with even more extreme temperatures, the LabelTac High Temperature Supply will hold up on surfaces exceeding 300°F, and the LabelTac Cryogenic Label Supply that will keep your labels looking fresh on surfaces well below -120°F.


The LabelSuite software that is included with your LabelTac printer is full of templates that will aide in the creation of OSHA safety labels, NFPA diamonds, and GHS diamonds. If your workplace however, is going to be printing a large quantity of these types of labels, you could save some time and energy by purchasing pre-printed LabelTac tape.

For instance, the LabelTac GHS die-cut labels come in a one, two, three, and four diamond options in a label that is already cut and ready to apply. These blank diamonds, along with the LabelSuite pre-loaded GHS approved pictograms make creating compliant labels easy and quick. The same goes for NFPA labels; these are pre-printed and customizable diamonds meaning you can make NFPA labels in a matter of minutes.

There are also several pre-printed options for creating OSHA safety signs. The first option is the LabelTac Continuous Header Supply, which are rolls that come with a colored header in OSHA approved colors for danger, warning and notice labels. If you’re in the market that is more OSHA compliant, there are also rolls with the continuous header and includes the signal word such as DANGER or CAUTION that is already pre-printed onto the roll.

Different Adhesives

The classic LabelTac tape features a strong and durable adhesive backing that will last for up to five years. There are many instances and surfaces however, that will require supply with special backing, permanent or temporary.

If you’re working with particularly difficult surfaces, LabelTac has a series of tapes that will adhere to oily and dirty surfaces, supply with aggressive high-tack adhesive, and tapes designed specifically for marine environments. There are also several rolls of supply designed to be moved from one place to another easily. These rolls include magnetic supply, static cling supply, and repositionable vinyl supply.

Whatever types of label your workplace is looking to make, there are LabelTac tapes that will fit your project perfectly. Whether you’re looking to start a pipe labeling project or are going to implement a 5S program, there are a multitude of LabelTac supply to choose from. Head over to Creative Safety Supply and start shopping today.

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