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LabelTac labels

The LabelTac printer series works the best when used in conjunction with LabelTac supplies and ribbon. You can print safety labels, 5S labels, GHS labels, barcoding labels, and so much more. These professional grade labels will withstand industrial environments and last for years both indoors and out. The amount and variety of LabelTac supplies Creative Safety Supply offers can take your labeling project to the next level. Today we will be looking at the differences of supplies and what can mean for designing and creating custom labels.

What types of LabelTac supplies are out there?

Whether you need extremely durable labels or labels or dimly lit areas, LabelTac has got you covered. The following are just a few different categories of LabelTac supplies.

  • Die-cut labels: Instead of using a continuous roll of supply, die-cut labels are more like stickers that are pre-cut and that you can peel off the backing. There are a couple different options of die-cut labels including: pre-printed header labels with the words DANGER, NOTICE, WARNING, and CAUTION, and also blank GHS labels with one, two, three, and four diamonds.
  • Temporary adhesive labels: The classic LabelTac supply has an extremely strong and durable adhesive backing, but there are plenty of options if you are looking for a more temporary solution. Magnetic supply, static cling supply, and repositionable supply are all great options to temporary labeling.
  • Extreme temperature labels: Although the regular LabelTac supply is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -40°F up to 180°F, you may have need something that can handle much cooler or much hotter temperatures. The LabelTac Cryogenic Label Supply is able to handle temperatures all the way down to -176°F and the LabelTac High Temperature Supply was developed to withstand a heat up to 320°
  • Glow-in-the-dark labels: Using photoluminescence creates labels that “charge” and glow brightly in darkness. This label supply is perfect for labels directing to emergency exit pathways, loading docks, or anywhere else in the facility it would be useful for a label that glows. The supply charges for 30 minutes and will stay clear and bright for up to six hours.

With each printer in the series, you have the capability to create hundreds of labels in a single day. And with the unbeatable service from Creative Safety Supply, your printer will be a lifetime investment. With a full lifetime warranty, and labeling experts at your fingertips, your labeling projects will go from time-consuming and a headache to something you actually look forwards to. No matter the type of labels you want to create, LabelTac supplies can take your vision to a reality in just a few minutes.

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