Reviewing the LabelTac Pro X Printer

If your workplace requires a large quantity of labels, or you want the freedom to labeltac pro x printercreate custom labels and signs, the LabelTac industrial printers are the tools your facility needs. This line of printers is simple to use, will save you the time and the headache of ordering custom labels, and can elevate your visual communication strategy. Designing and creating labels has never been easier and having an in-house printer can take our idea to a label in less than five minutes. While the LabelTac printer series offer a number of industrial label printers, it’s important to find one that is compatible and effective in your specific workplace. Today we will be discussing the LabelTac Pro X printer, the latest addition to the LabelTac line.

About the LabelTac Pro X Printer

In comparison to the other printers of this series, the LabelTac Pro X printer is the most advanced of the printers with a 4” maximum width. The latest evolution of LabelTac printers, the Pro X now has an enhanced and expanded ribbon capacity, meaning you can print hundreds of additional labels before needing to replace the ribbon. A color LCD screen on the printer will also tell you just how much print ribbon is remaining. Whether you’re printing pipe marking labels or safety labels, the LabelTac Pro X can create labels from between a half inch up to four inches wide.

The following are some specifications that make the Pro X one of the most intuitive printers on the market today:

  • Print speed of 8 inches for every second.
  • Print resolution of 300 dpi, ensuring your labels will be crystal clear.
  • The printer is less than 9 pounds, meaning you can take it from an office to the warehouse easily.
  • Create labels up to 40” long.

The LabelTac Pro X printer also comes with the same great features as the other printers. LabelSuite, the label design software compatible with LabelTac printers, is included for free. This software includes thousands of templates and symbols, making the task of designing custom labels simple and intuitive. Whether your facility needs to create small wire marking labels, or OSHA-compliant hazard communication labels, the intuitive LabelTac software is here to help. Like any other printer purchased from the LabelTac series, the Pro X includes a full lifetime transferable warranty, at no extra charge, that applies to all parts, labor, and related cost.


LabelTac ensures the labels and signs you make will be durable and crystal clear. Forget smudgy labels, or signs that last a few months. Instead, create custom, long-lasting, and professional looking labels for the workplace. The amount and variety of labels you can create with a LabelTac printer is perfect for a warehouse or any type of industrial facility. Label racks, barcodes, valve tags, danger labels, and so much more can be created within a matter of minutes.  The LabelTac Pro X printer is the optimal choice for a facility who will be printing a large quantity of labels and signs, but don’t necessarily need the capacity of the LabelTac 6 or LabelTac 9.

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