The Possibilities of LabelTac Labels

LabelTac labels

Create professional grade, custom labels efficiently with an industrial label printer. LabelTac labels are extremely tough, cannot be torn, and are expected to last for five years in an industrial environment. Furthermore, these labels are smudge and scratch resistant as well as being resistant to chemicals and the day to day activity of a facility.

What kind of LabelTac Labels can you make?

One of the most cost effective and convenient way to start making labels is to purchase a LabelTac bundle. The entire line of LabelTac industrial printers come with a full lifetime warranty, lifetime support from the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply, and the intuitive LabelSuite software (a $299 value) all free of charge. The following are bundles, what they include, and what types of labels you can make with them.

Arc flash bundle: Did you know 5 to 10 arc flash incidents happen every day? The arc flash printer bundle works to take the stress out of the difficult and complicated task of identifying and labeling arc flash hazards. Using the LabelTac Pro X Thermal Transfer Printer, you can create hundreds of LabelTac labels in a single day. Also included in this package are two rolls of OSHA compliant continuous header rolls, one reading DANGER and the other CAUTION. You will also receive one orange roll of supply, one red roll of supply, two rolls of black print ribbon, and the Arc Flash Hazard Calculator Software that calculates the types if labels you will need depending on your facility.

Pipe marking bundle: The pipe marking LabelTac bundle also comes with the LabelTac Pro X as well as a pipe marking information poster that outlines the acceptable color coding of pipe labeling. This package includes 2-inch and 4-inch supply in the following colors: yellow, red, green, blue, white, and both black and white printer ribbon.

OSHA bundle: Always be ready for an OSHA inspection with the LabelTac Pro X OSHA bundle. Create compliant and durable LabelTac Labels in a matter of minutes. By ordering this bundle you will receive four different rolls of continuous header rolls: DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, and NOTICE. Also included are 4-inch rolls in yellow white red, orange, and blue, along with black print ribbon and white print ribbon.

GHS bundle: This bundle featuring the LabelTac Pro X printer gives you all the tools to make professional grade GHS labels quickly and easily. One of the best components of this bundles is the pre-printed GHS labels in one, two, three, and four diamond rolls.  Yellow and white label supply is included, as well as black print ribbon and a GHS labeling poster.

There are several other bundles you can purchase as well including the rack labeling bundle, the 5S bundle, and a barcoding bundle. It is also important to note all of these bundles are customizable. Want a larger printer or a different type of supply? Simply call the knowledgeable label professionals at Creative Safety Supply.

Whatever type of labeling project you are looking to start, you can be assured that LabelTac labels will last for many years to come.

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