Looking at the LabelTac Ribbon

LabelTac Ribbon

Have you heard about thermal transfer printing? This type of printing uses heat, ribbon, and supply to produce vinyl labels. The LabelTac printer series is a series of industrial label printers that uses thermal transfer technology, so you can turn your workbench or desk into an instant custom label shop! In this post we will be looking at LabelTac ribbon, a sometimes overlooked component in the printing process.

What’s special about the LabelTac ribbon?

Think about thermal transfer printing in the terms of the ribbon as ink and the vinyl supply as the paper. When the ribbon is heated up inside the printer, it is melted onto a vinyl base (many different options are offered with LabelTac) and it creates an extremely durable bond that will last for many years to come.

The labels you create with high-quality vinyl and LabelTac ribbon are guaranteed to last up to five years after outdoor application and even longer with indoor application. Because LabelTac printers were developed with the industrial workplace in mind, the labels made with withstand elements often found in warehouses, factories, work sites, and more. The letters and symbols that are printed with LabelTac ribbon will not fade way, be scratched off, get smudged after printing, and is resistant to most oils and greases, as well as aliphatic solvents, weak acids, salts, and alkalis.

What can I print with LabelTac ribbon?

Print ribbons come in the following seven colors: black, red, white, orange, yellow, green, and blue. With the variety of print ribbon color and label color, you can make nearly any kind of label you can think of.

  • Fire labels: Whether you want white text on a red background, or red text on a white background, you can create clear and visually appealing signs that will not turn pink or fade over time.
  • First aid labels: Using white ribbon with green supply, you can create a professional grade sign with two contrasting colors. The LabelSuite software that comes with your printer purchase contains a full library of first aid symbols and pictograms you can easily drag and drop into your label design.
  • Facility and equipment labels: Whether it’s for wayfinding or alerting of a hazard, equipment and facility labels are an excellent and effective way to visually communicate with workers. An advantage of having a label printer on signs mean you can customize your labels to suit your workplace! The wide array of colors mean you can standardize signs that align with your company’s brand, and even put in your company’s logo for a truly custom sign.
  • Chemical labels: While LabelTac ribbon is resistant to chemicals commonly found in a facility, you may need to make labels that provide a higher resistance to chemicals like paint thinner, xylene, brake fluid, etc. In these cases you can use UltraChem print ribbon alongside UltraChem label supply to create labels that will survive chemical abuse.


LabelTac ribbon is an extremely important component of the printing process with the LabelTac printer. Using the corresponding supply and ribbon with your LabelTac industrial printer is essential to printing custom and durable labels.

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