Printer Review: The LabelTac 4 Printer

The LabelTac 4 Printer

LabelTac series offers five different printers for your facility. The most obvious difference is the price point, but beyond that there is a difference in the size of labels the printer produces, ribbon capacity, connectivity options, and printer volume. In this post, we will be looking at the entry-level and budget friendly choice: the LabelTac 4 Printer.

Why the LabelTac 4 Printer?

 Like previously stated, the LabelTac 4 is considered the “starter printer”. If you’re just looking into printing labels in-house, the LabelTac 4 Printer might just be the printer for you. This printer is the smallest option, weighing just over five pounds and is the most budget friendly option out of all the printers offered.

Just because this printer is smaller and more low-cost, doesn’t mean it cannot handle large labeling projects. This printer is capable of producing up to 500 labels in a single day and these labels can vary from ½” tall up to 4” tall, and up to 40” long. This means any kind of labeling project you want to embark on, whether it’s 5S implementation, a pipe labeling project, creating all new GHS labels, or whatever other labeling need your facility has can be handled by the LabelTac 4 printer.

Why LabelTac?

LabelTac is a series of industrial labeling printers that use thermal transfer technology to create professional-grade and durable labels. These labels are designed to withstand industrial environments and will last five years in outdoor application, and even longer when applied indoors. Using the regular LabelTac supply, the labels you produce will be resistant to chemicals, and will not smudge, smear, or fade over time.

Labels created using different types of supply can result in a variety different type of labels! Your LabelTac printer is capable of creating magnetic labels, temporary labels, OSHA compliant labels, professional GHS labels, cable labels, and much, much more. LabelTac printers all come with the LabelSuite software that can take creativity and customization to a whole new level. This intuitive software is loaded with thousands of symbols and templates, making your designing of labels an extremely easy process. There are even labeling wizards loaded in the software for GHS, pipe marking, and ammonia pipe marking. Simply choose the wizard and it will guide you effortlessly in creating a professional and compliant label.

LabelTac printers also come with an unmatched level of support. These printers come with a full lifetime warranty, free of charge. This warranty covers all parts, labor, shipping charges, and a free loaner printer program. As long as you have the printer, you will have access to the knowledgeable labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply. Any issues or questions can quickly be addressed in an email or a phone call.


If you’re looking for an entry-level printer that still has the ability to print hundreds of labels in a day, the LabelTac 4 Printer may be an excellent choice for your facility. The LabelTac 4 is still great for any large labeling projects, and will save you an enormous amount of money in the long run.

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