How Do You Label Pipes?

If you manage a facility that used pipes to transport water, chemicals, waste, or other things, it is important that the pipes are labeled properly. This is a good idea as it will ensure maintenance teams can always keep them in proper working order. It will also help to ensure the pipes can operate safely without unexpected spills or other issues. In most facilities, labeling pipes properly is going to be a safety requirement, and following the ASME A13.1 standards is what will typically be done.

These standards will give you details about how to label the pipes. For example, the standards will tell you what color the labels should be, including both the background and the text color. The size of the text and the label will be based on the diameter of the pipe that it will go on. Positioning the labels is also something that is covered by these types of standards. Having a good understanding of ASME standards is important for ensuring that your pipe labels are done properly.

There are many ways that you can label your pipes. In some cases, buying pre-printed labels is the most economical option. For other situations, having an industrial label printer on site will be faster and easier. No matter how you get the labels, they should be placed on the pipes after they are clean and dry to ensure they are able to stick firmly in place for long periods of time.

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